The Things I Use

This page contains a list of the technology I use, both software and hardware. I’ve seen a number of other people doing a uses page and I’ve always found them interesting, so here’s mine.

Last updated: 24 November 2022


I have a single computer, which is a 2020 M1 Macbook Air with the following specs:

Desktop dock

When not using my Macbook as a laptop, I dock it to my desk. For this I use the following hardware:

Other computing

As is the case for most people, I also have a phone, tablet etc. here are details of the other computing devices I own:


This is a list of the software I use pretty much every time I boot up one of my computers:

Mobile apps

I use all kinds of mobile apps, but I’m not one of those people who has hundreds of apps installed on their devices. Here’s a list of the most useful apps I use:

Websites & web services

This is a list of the websites and web services that I use on a regular basis: