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Hi 👋 I’m Kev. A cyber security nerd, web design enthusiast and privacy advocate from the UK.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I use this site to satisfy my perpetual need to publish drivel create interesting content for people to read.

This blog isn’t one of those sites that has a niche and does everything it possibly can to market itself to the world. Nope. This is a proud personal blog where I write about a number of topics that interest me. Hopefully, some of those topics will interest you too.

That could be meta blogging posts, my love of all things aquatic in my fish keeping posts, or things like personal opinions and of course technology & the web.

What’s In A Font? Website Typography Best Practices
A look at website typography and some best practices.

How Online Tracking Works
If you understand how online tracking works, maybe you can combat it.

Privacy vs “I Have Nothing To Hide”
I hate it when people tout “I don’t care about privacy because I have nothing to hide”.

Why HTTPS Is Important
HTTPS is an important part of staying secure and private online. Here’s why…

Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes?
Research suggests that going to the dark side ain’t all that.