Privacy vs “I have nothing to hide”

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  1. There’s another side to the privacy conversation that isn’t often talked about. Privacy is, in my opinion, dignity.

    Are you doing anything wrong when you and your partner are intimate in your bedroom? No, but would you keep your door open and have a corporate or gov’t representative watch? How about when taking care of your personal needs in the bathroom? Again, you’re not doing anything wrong, but the triteness of the “nothing to hide” position is revealed in those scenarios. This is why we have locks on some of the doors *inside* our homes.

    Control is another issue in this conversation. If I choose to publically share something I’ve said in a private conversation, that’s OK. If someone else, not of my choosing, get’s to look over my shoulder, listen to what I say and then share it themselves, that’s not OK.

    And just a note, I’m not judging people that do choose to share these things (ie – on adult sites). Their dignity is preserved, even strengthened, because they *have the choice* to share deeply personal moments. They are exercising their control.

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant. Love what you’re doing and I may just have to follow down this road. Didn’t realize there were so many options for cutting the cord.

  2. I get all this, but seeing that you either have lived, live, or have visited the Liverpool area at some point in the past, the most important question to ask at this point is:

    Where do your loyalties lie on Derby Day?

    1. Haha! I’m one of the few people from the North West who doesn’t care about football. So, my loyalties were nowhere to be found yesterday! 🙂

  3. +1
    “I really hope the tech giants start respecting their user’s privacy”

    Their business is make money with their users (or used). We must demand a new way to make money, start to think again that privacy matters.
    But new generations has been striped of that thought, and it’s hard to change that mind…
    Let’s continue offering different choices, different and ethical services…

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