How To Use A TP-Link Router With Sky Fibre Optic

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  1. I’m thinking of upgrading but I’m concerned that I’ll bbuy and connect and then find that the username abcdefgh@skydsl and password you provided won’t match. How do I find those if they are different?

  2. Works perfectly.
    Best web page on the topic, if you want to swap a Sky Q hub for something better.
    Thank you.

  3. Works perfectly for me thanks. One question I hear the 2.4ghz gets a longer WiFi signal than the 5 but the 5 is quicker, is there any disadvantage to having them both on or even turning the 5 off?

    1. No problem, glad it worked. In short, no, there’s no problem having them both on. It will go in to “mixed mode” where it should use 5GHz when you’re closer to the router, and 2.4GHz when you’re further away.

    1. Hi what router did you use before hand ? And where did you buy the VR600 from as I cannot find it anywhere online, except second hand ones.

    2. Hi what router did you use before ? Was it a sky q hub ? And where did you find the vr600 I can’t find it anywhere.

  4. I can confirm this worked with NowTV fibre. Replaced the basic nowtv hub with a VR2800 in about 3 minutes. Thanks KevQ

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