How To Use A TP-Link Router With Sky Fibre Optic

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  1. Thank you, this worked perfectly for my VR900. The only thing is the My Sky app on my iPhone no longer reports my connection speed (previously 79) it just says there is a fault. I guess the test/speed check looks to see if you have the sky modem plugged in.

    1. Whilst I don’t know for sure, I would imagine it somehow gets that information from an API (or similar) that’s loaded on your Sky router. Otherwise it would have no way of knowing when you’re connected and what your speed is. is usually pretty accurate (they have an app too).

  2. Worked first time me, really chuffed, thank you so much. The only problem is how to improve the wifi downstairs. considering using the sky router as a modem and moving the tplink router downstairs plugged in to a powerline plug. Not sure if that would be a solution. Any ideas

    1. Not sure what you mean? I haven’t had a separate MODEM and router for around 15 years.

  3. Having a nightmare here , trying to follow the guide but despite being connected and having full internet access through the router it’s saying wan port is unplugged , any idea how to get past this ?

    1. I don’t really understand the question – if you have full internet access, what’s the issue?

  4. Hi Kev,
    This is a great walk through for setting up a TP-Link.
    But at the start you say (points 1 to 3) connect the internet cable into the new TP-Link. So that’s the internet cable that is currently plugged into my SkyQ hub from the main BT socket. But doing this will stop my fiber broadband from working so how can you then (point 3) open a browser window ?
    Every time I try to set up my TP-Link v900 my laptop says no internet !!
    Am I missing something or am I being stupid ?
    Please advise and guide me.
    Regards Si.

    1. You can open a browser without the Internet working. The address in the article ( doesn’t need an Internet connection – it’s the address that allows you to connect to your router to configure it. Once you have configured it, per the article, the Internet should start working.

  5. Hi there,
    I’ve recently swapped bb provider from BT to Sky.
    Everything is fine except the wifi coverage which doesn’t extend to my teenage daughter’s bedroom (disaster apparently).
    I’ve tried using our old homehub 6 as a slave router and gave up trying.
    As a result of watching a few youtube videos and scrolling through a few blogs etc, I’ve ordered a TP-Link AC1750 unit.
    Now I find out that these things have to be compatible with Sky’s MER/DHCP Option 61 connection method, oops.

    I purposely never went for the cheapest unit, so hopefully it’s ok for my needs, but I would appreciate your comments and opinion.
    Cheers in advance of any response.

    1. Oh could try mesh WiFi, that really helped in my house. There are many types on Amazon.

  6. Hi will the vr400 tp-link work doing this as my sky q hub is forever dropping my wifi, also will it totally replace the sky q hub as want to bin the piece of sh#te thanks

    1. As long as your VR400 supports VDSL, it should work. I’m not sure what you mean by “totally replace”, as it would have to replace the SkyQ devices, since you can’t have 2 routers connected to the same line at the same time.

  7. Thanks. Worked great for a VR600 v1 (AC1600) with stock firmware. Switched from BT to Sky, and using the Quick Setup it connected almost immediately, and left all my other settings the same. Total Internet downtime: 10 mins 🙂

  8. Hi kev. I bought  TP-Link Archer VR2800 ADSL2+, VDSL2  router.I thought very easy to setup but not. Can you help me please to setup .I got sky fibre optic connection

    1. If you have followed the instructions above correctly, it should work. Please re-check the settings and confirm.

      Unfortunately I can’t offer adhoc tech support, sorry.

  9. Worked a treat thank you I had issues on my sky router such as intermittent WiFi connection and the internet connection dropping intermittently so I was unable to use Skype, I will try my tp link for a week see how I get on. I had similar issues on talktalk and the tp link sorted it out.

  10. Hi There,

    Thanks for the article, please can you help connecting TD-W9970 to Now Broadband fibre connection?

    Thanks again

  11. Thanks for this. I can confirm that this works with NowTV fibre using an Archer VR900 router. Just changed “skydsl” to “nowtv” and it connected straight away. Someone should tell nowtv technical support as they sound pretty stupid when they tell you that they can’t do anything to help.

  12. Hi Kev
    Great article. Is the Sky user name and password standard? I am switching to Sky fibre tomorrow and would much rather stay with my Netgear Nighthawk and other bits, so I should just need to change the broadband supplier and enter the new name and password to connect? I just had a look around the Sky Q hub (direct connected to my laptop) but there is no user information on it. Thanks

    1. Yes, just use the exact credentials as shown in the article and change the provider to sky VDSL. All should be fine. Whilst I’ve never had Sky Q myself, there are lots of comments here from people stating it works for them. Good luck.

  13. I can confirm the vr2800 works with Sky q, Just installed and got my sky q mini box to connect to wifi, The only issues I have had is with my Ring floodlight cam and door chime pro but now all working

  14. This works with a TP-Link VR900 as of November 2018. Took about 10 mins to set up in total. Mind. Blown.

  15. I have the archer vr400 tp link modem, i can’t seem to connect to sky fibre max, when i connect the box to my line there is no access to the internet, am i connecting wrong, or is sky fibre max not compatible, i did ring sky to ask if i can use a 3rd party router and they said i could but then i would have to downgrade my.package,

    1. Looking at the specs for that router, it seems that it is compatible with VDSL, so there is no reason why this process won’t work for you. Not sure what the issue is to be honest, as many other people are reporting that this process still works.

    1. No idea sorry. I haven’t had normal broadband for quite some time.

      If you wanted to try it, you would have to replace vdsl with adsl in your router config. It may well work, but I can’t say for sure.

  16. I have just recently moved from BT to Sky and am having difficulty with the wifi. When with BT had a ubiquiti switch with ubiquiti APs (4) and all worked well. Now I find that one AP – furthest away – is have extreme difficulty. I would like to buy a new wifi router to see if that will improve my wifi performance. Do you have any recommendations please that will be compatible with Sky and hopefully follow the details here will at least put me back to where I was. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you.

    1. You could try wireless power line adapters maybe? They don’t mesh, but rather transmit the signal via your house’s power cables. They then have an AP on the end.

      I’ve used them a couple of times and for the most part work well.

    2. Thank you so much. It is really appreciated. Prior to installing a switch I did try power line adapters and they did not make any difference. With the Ubiquiti switch and PoE APs, (which I think is power over ethernet), everything worked fantastically well prior to switching to Sky, it could be a shear coincidence. I have reset everything back to factory settings, both switch, AP and Sky router without any success. I thought now I would try a third party router/wifi for fibre. Having come across this site with the suggestion how to configure username/password for Sky setup I would try a third party wifi/router combined with my switch. If you could recommend a good third party appliance and advise what I need to consider when doing so with regards to Sky I would be grateful. I do live in a bungalow with brick/breeze block walls. Any help you could give would really be appreciated. Many thanks for your time.

      1. It all depends on your requirements really. A router that would work for me, may not work for you. I’d suggest you do some research based on your requirements and get the best router for your needs. I may recommend a £100 router, when all you need is a £30 one, or vice versa. The only requirement for it to work is VDSL support.

        I’d first test that your other Ubiquiti APs are working ok though, as it may be an issue with them, or may just be that you need to re-configure something on your Sky Router to get them working, in which case you may not need a new router at all.

        Google DuckDuckGo is your friend. 🙂

        1. Thank you so much for your responses and time taken. It really is appreciate.

  17. This looks really promising. Have a Netgear Nighthawk I used when on BT but now forced to use the Sky one. Do you think this would work with that? Don’t need guarantees, but won’t waste time if unlikely to work 🙂

    1. I the Netgear support VDSL (Fibre), then yeah, it should work. The process is pretty much the same for any router as long as it supports VDSL.

  18. Hi – would this work with Sky Q TV box as well, or would you need to leave the sky modem on and use the TP Link in AP mode?

    1. I’m not sure as I’ve never had Sky Q. However, logic would dictate that it would work, as it still uses the same fibre network. Can’t hurt to try. 🙂

      1. @Ian – the sky q hub is a combined modem/router so using a separate router would still require use of the sky q modem. Just turn its WiFi off so all devices connect to your new router. Problem I have is my skyq TV box cannot now connect via WiFi as it simply can’t find the new router, even though it’s less than 20ft away. So I’ve connected this via ether et and powerline adaptors. Mainly successful but it does drop too often so not sure if it’s my wiring albeit house was rewired 10yrs ago. But worth separate cheap £40 router I now have much improved WiFi. Shame about the skyq TV box though as that never dropped its WiFi connection to the skyq modem/router. If anyone knows how to ensure the skyq TV box can connect to alternate router, please let me know. Tried everything on the sky set up wizard.

    1. That’s a shame, seems to be working for many other people, so not sure what the issue is with your particular setup, sorry.

  19. hi i got this to work however, the only way i could get it to work was by selecting the regular sky vdsl ? i’ve just done a speed test and i am getting speeds of around 74mps. Does this mean i dont have fibre ?

    1. Sky VDSL is the option you need to select, as that is the option for fibre. Plain old broadband is ADSL. 74Mbps does confirm that you’re using fibre. Good job.

  20. Hi – I can confirm this absolutely works! Totally nailed it using the instructions here!!
    I use the Archer VR400, got one small switch and still need more Ethernet ports 😉

  21. I’m thinking of upgrading but I’m concerned that I’ll bbuy and connect and then find that the username abcdefgh@skydsl and password you provided won’t match. How do I find those if they are different?

  22. Works perfectly.
    Best web page on the topic, if you want to swap a Sky Q hub for something better.
    Thank you.

  23. Works perfectly for me thanks. One question I hear the 2.4ghz gets a longer WiFi signal than the 5 but the 5 is quicker, is there any disadvantage to having them both on or even turning the 5 off?

    1. No problem, glad it worked. In short, no, there’s no problem having them both on. It will go in to “mixed mode” where it should use 5GHz when you’re closer to the router, and 2.4GHz when you’re further away.

    1. Hi what router did you use before hand ? And where did you buy the VR600 from as I cannot find it anywhere online, except second hand ones.

    2. Hi what router did you use before ? Was it a sky q hub ? And where did you find the vr600 I can’t find it anywhere.

  24. I can confirm this worked with NowTV fibre. Replaced the basic nowtv hub with a VR2800 in about 3 minutes. Thanks KevQ

    1. Just about to try this with the VR2800 and sky fibre with Sky q, will report back in a wee while

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