Contact Me

I will always respond to legitimate requests. If you don’t get a response within a couple of days, that probably means that I thought your request was not legitimate.

I do NOT accept guest posts on this site, so don’t bother asking as I’ll ignore you.

I will NOT add a link to your site/product in one of my existing posts. Again, please don’t waste your time asking.

I’m Not Tech Support 👨‍💻

I write a lot of technical posts on this blog. I always try to keep them as simple as possible, and explain both the process and the rationale behind why I took the approach I did. The processes I write about have worked for me, but if I find a bug I will update the post. My posts always assume a certain level of technical ability.

If you have problems, please use online services like Stack Overflow; these are designed to provide free online support. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to work with individuals on their specific issues. I’m really sorry, but I’m just one person that has a family and a full time job too.

A Little Courtesy Goes A Long Way 🙋‍♂️

I often receive emails that lack basic manners and common courtesy. If you’re going to email me, especially if you’re emailing me asking for advice or help, some basic manners really wouldn’t go amiss.

A simple please or thank you would be suffice. Emailing with demands for help, or requests that lack politeness, will not get a response. I will always be polite to you, so please offer me the same courtesy.


Email is the easiest way to get in touch with me. I’ll usually respond fairly quickly, often within 24 hours.

If you want to send me an encrypted email, you can find my public key here.

Keybase: @kevq

Keybase is a great way to get in touch with me securely and privately. You can also use my Keybase profile as proof of my other identities online.

Mastodon: @kev

I am one of the admins on Fosstodon, which is a Mastodon instance. If you want to follow me on Mastodon, search for

Twitter: @kevquirk

I do have a Twitter account, but I’m not that active on there. I use it mainly to read content and share links to my post. If you want to get in touch with me via Twitter, please feel free.