How To Install Nextcloud On Shared Hosting

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  1. I followed them but I get to a point where he does not let me get ahead I need help,

    Dependency check

    Dependencies not found.
    The following PHP modules are required to use Nextcloud:

    1. You will need to check the correct PHP modules are enabled in cPanel (or whatever control panel you’re using). Your hosting provider should be able to help you if you don’t know how.

  2. When I install from Softaculous, I can never login. So I found this guide to do a manual install and i get “sqlstate[hy000] [1044] access denied”. I’m so frustrated. I’m hours into getting this working to no avail

    1. Looks like a permissions issue with your database. Did you create a database AND user, then assign full privileges to that user for the DB? If not, you need to do so.

  3. Thanks for your guide, was able to setup this up without any hassles!
    One feedback though, when I downloaded the script it wasn’t accessible from the said URL. I renamed it to index.php and accessed the bare URL to automatically land on the setup page.

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