De-Googling My Life 06 – What I Can’t Replace

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  1. Well, there are good alternatives for ALL the things mentioned above like for youtube.
    I’m not talking about services which are worse than the G one. Sometimes they are even better (at least equal). I know as I have a G-free life.

    1. I’ve never heard of before. I’ll check it out, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I moderate a community on G+ and it has been great. I am sorry to see it go. I agree with you about YouTube and Chromebooks. I have a second generation Pixel laptop and love it. If I didn’t want to edit photos using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop I think a Chromebook would be all I need.

  3. I’d recommend looking into Bing Maps, any of several e-payment services, & any of several Android OS forks. Also, several sites can create RSS feeds based on Google+ profiles, which may allow you to delete your account.

  4. There’s a lot of Google services that have an equivalent on Synology’s DSM OS running on your very own Synology NAS.
    Then all your data is sitting at home and it all belongs to you, total privacy!

    1. I actually have a Synology and use to to self-host a lot of things. They’re great devices.

  5. Is IOS really no better than Android in terms of privacy? I mean, IOS is made by a hardware company, and one is made by a company that wants to collect as much data on you as possible.

    1. I agree, iOS is the lesser of two evils I think. My point was more that they both “beacon home”, so there is some semblance of lost privacy within both ecosystems.

  6. You should look at “Open Sync” for a free (and open source) alternative to DAVDroid. is also a great alternative to Google Maps on Android, (but yeah, less accurate for driving).

  7. You can install Lineage or another Google-less ROM on your Android phone, install normal Linux on your Chromebook, and NewPipe is a great alternative to the YouTube app (it scrapes the YT website and grabs the video mp4s, has no ads, and uses a built-in offline subscription system). For Android Pay, you can use one of those phone credit card holders with an NFC credit card, it’s basically the same thing, plus you can easily pay at regular card readers by pulling out the card.

    1. There isn’t a Lineage build for my phone, that’s the first thing I checked.

      I’ve already replaced my Chromebook with a normal laptop.

      Ill check out New Pipe, thanks for the recommendation. 👍

      I don’t want my phone and card to be together, because if I lose my phone, my card is gone too. With Android Pay, use of my card is behind my fingerprint.

      I regularly do just use my card, but I sometimes have need to pay for things when I don’t have my wallet with me.

      Having said that, I could definitely live without Android Pay, no problem at all.

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