De-Googling My Life 05 – Gmail

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  1. Hey. Have used Kolab in the past and have nothing but good things to say about them – the web interface looks great and is very powerful. It costs CHF5.38 just for a mailbox, you selected the email/calendar/address book/files option.

    1. I prices up Kolab, but for my requirements it was WAYYYYY more expensive that the other options.

  2. I am using Office 365. It costs my about 8$/month and I get Ad-free Outlook Mail, whole MS Office Suite and 1 TB storage on OneDrive. Isn’t that a good deal? I believe since I am paying them, and they are not showing ads, can I rely on privacy? It much better than Google anyway.

  3. Hi! Kev. First of all sorry for any broken English in next following paragraph. I myself is also currently trying to move away from GMail, and also try to look for many alternatives i.e. tutanota, fastmail, pobox, protomail, etc. Most of them cost not that much but when I try to calculate the total cost for other family member it starts to accumulated : (. Do you have any alternative solutions? Can cPanel&Nextcloud support multiple user with web-login? I already try to search for solution but feel so exhaust with all the choices. T_T

    1. Many cPanel hosting providers will support unlimited storage and unlimited mailboxes, so that’s definitely an option (one which I used for over a year). Just make sure that you configure the DKIM, SPF etc. so that email you send doesn’t get delivered to people’s spam folders. Usually it’s automatic if you host your DNS with the cPanel provider, but it’s worth checking. If you host DNS elsewhere (like I do), then you will need to set the records up manually.

      Another alternative is Zoho. I believe they offer 5 accounts for free. I used them for a couple years too, they’re really good and their privacy policy is pretty clear and open. Good luck!

  4. Nextcloud mail is not quite there yet. I make extensive use of folders and you can’t move a message to a folder within nextcloud mail – they say it is coming…

    1. Agreed. I’ve since stopped using Nextcloud as I feel they’re just trying to do too much too soon. They need to focus on their core functionality first IMHO.

      1. Did you replace Nextcloud? I’d messed with it a couple of times over the last couple of years and found it wanting in performance, reliability, and usability. I’ve ended up just relying on openvpn+smb to just directly access my, well organised, shares at home.

        +1 fastmail and it’s WebDAV files which is also useful for syncing stuff like your keepass database file, etc.

  5. how do you view and sync calendars and contacts on mobile? and would you be able to write a tutorial on how you connected your nextcloud and email?

    1. Since writing this post, I’ve moved my email hosting to FastMail. I use their app to sync my mail and calendar, and DAVDroid to sync my contacts.

      I can certainly write a post on it, but DAVDroid already have extensive documentation on their website.

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