De-Googling My Life 01 – Browser & Search

I'm Kev and I'm a Cyber Security professional from the UK. I started this blog so that I could share my thoughts on the things that interest me. That's usually technology, Linux, open source, and motorbikes.

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  1. Just started doing this myself after 10 years in the Google ecosystem.
    Firefox is great for desktop, but I landed on Brave for Android, since the Chromium UX just wayy outpaces Firefox’s on mobile right now. Unfortunately with Brave still starting up, it lacks some of the nice features Firefox has, so sticking with FF on desktop.

    For search, I just like Google’s results & boolean operator syntax, so I went with StartPage. I know that still touches Google’s servers, but DuckDuckGo’s Yahoo-based results and lackluster filter options just aren’t doing it for me.

    This is a helpful series – thank you for putting this up!

  2. DuckDuckGo in my experience is not an equal when searching. I do use it and as often as possible. I would definately recommen using a good private VPN that don’t log. Also clean you browser history on exit or as often as possible.

    1. I agree, DDG isn’t quite as good, but you can use their bangs feature to search Google anonymously. Just do “!g ” within DDG. Works for loads of other stuff too, like Amazon and eBay.

  3. How about Firefox alternative from Mozilla? I used Palemoon for a long time and like it. I heard about Quantum but never used it yet. And as I’ve done countless times before, I’m back on Opera. It’s like the old girlfriend you come back to once in while because she’s just always there. It’s like the difference between a Mitsu EVO and a Suby. Not sure what the motorcycle equivalent is 🙂

    Looking forward to more de-Googling articles.

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