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Writing On My iPad

Since I decided to start writing more, I’ve been deliberately posting shorter form posts, some of which have been created on my iPad. This post talks about what that experience has been like for me.


I’m writing this post on my iPad using the WordPress app. For the most part the experience is pretty good, but doing things like adding links and text formatting is still a little clunky.

Writing short form posts, like this one, is fine but I don’t think I could write one of my longer, more technical posts on my iPad. Maybe with a Bluetooth keyboard it would be a little easier, but the WordPress app is still not as good as the actual WP admin interface.

Writing on my iPad

I’ve considered buying a Bluetooth keyboard so I can type up posts more easily, but honestly I don’t really see advantage as I might as well use my laptop at that point. Plus, the touchscreen keyboard on the iPad, along with predicted text, means I can still type relatively quickly without a physical keyboard.

Overall, writing posts on the iPad is okay, but I certainly won’t be replacing my trusty Thinkpad anytime soon.

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