Work With Me

My writing has been enjoyed by millions of people across the Internet over the last decade. This has been here my personal blog, as well as a number of well known tech blogs. Including OMG! Ubuntu!, MakeUseOf and CSS Tricks.

As well as writing, I’m also fairly adept at web design, as you can probably see from this site - there are no pre-built themes at play here, I built the entire site by hand.

I like to focus on highly performant sites that look good, are accessible, have beautiful typography and put the user first.

If you think you would like to work with me, there are a numbers we can do that:

Writing review

You send me a piece of work, whether that be a published blog post, or a draft you’re working on.

I’ll review that piece of work and provide some feedback for you on how/what you can improve both in terms of SEO and writing style.

Note: Limit is an average blog post length (around a maximum of 1200 words).

Quick website review

I’ll carry out a 15 minute review of your website and provide a list of things that I think you could improve upon.

If you wish, you can also choose to have me produce a written report that contains useful tips and example on how you may want to fix any issues.

Detailed website review and report

I’ll spend at least an hour reviewing your site and will send you a report, which will include details on how to resolve the issues I’ve found, including examples.

This report will include performance, user interface, user experience, accessibility, writing style (if applicable) and more.

Something else?

If there’s another way you think we could/should work together, please get in touch and we can talk it through.

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