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I recently discovered Jan-Lukas Else's blog, which contains a tonne of great posts - I'd strongly recommend checking out his blog if you're a techie.

While I was perusing Jan's blog, I came across his blogroll, which includes links to other blogs he finds interesting. Again, that list is well...

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Are We Cyborgs?

I was recently listening to the Joe Rogan podcast where he was interviewing Elon Musk. During that interview they discussed a lot of interesting topics - it's a very interesting episode and well worth a listen.

One of the topics that Joe and Elon discuss is whether we will become cyborgs in th...

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Why I Use Linux

If you look around the Internet, you’re bound to read lots of posts justifying why you should consider changing to Linux. Personally, I don’t care which OS you use, so long as it’s an informed decision. So I thought I would write a post about why I use Linux, which may in turn help you to make an in...

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Ditching My Smartphone

Android or Apple, which are you? The two names are synonymous with flame wars about why one is better than the other. Personally, I think that this is because we’re so reliant on our those little Black Mirrors these days, that they have literally divided our society.

I don’t know about you guys,...

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The Laboriousness of “Lightweight Linux”

Why do Linux users seem to be so obsessed with their distro of choice being “lightweight”? I simply don’t get it, and quite frankly, I find the whole notion of “Lightweight Linux” laborious.

Lightweight Linux is a farce

Yes, that’s right. Linux needing to be “lightweight” is a complete an utter...

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Can Software Be Alive?

At the time of writing this post I’m on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s a beautiful place and I urge you to go and visit if you have never been.

The Tree

Anyway, I’m sat here on the balcony of my villa, enjoying the sun. In front of me is a fairly large tree that’s swaying in the breeze.


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Is A Password Book A Bad Idea?

So I was browsing my Twitter feed recently, and I came across this tweet:

If you don’t know, password books are literally a handwritten list of usernames, passwords and URLs that people can use to record their credentials. Think of them as a low-tech alternative to password managers like Bitw...

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Are Password Managers Really Worth It?

I recently got chatting to someone on Fosstodon about password security and in particular, password managers. But I thought I’d share my thoughts here also, as I have much more than 500 characters to play with. 🙂

What Is A Password Manager?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a password man...

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