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How Migrate from Disqus to WordPress and Bypass Disqus’ Roadblocks

TL;DR – Disqus makes it VERY difficult for you to migrate your comments away from their platform. This is a workaround on how to do it.

The Problem

I’ve been using Disqus for quite some time, after deciding to move my blog to a static site. However, I’m now back using vanilla WordPress and I’d...

Tech General

The Insidious Linux “Community” on Reddit

I recently published a post about my feelings on Lightweight Linux. The article was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek look at why I feel that some Linux users are unnecessarily obsessed with how lightweight their system should be when using more powerful hardware.

The article was shared fairly wi...

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How To Tour On A Small Motorbike

GS1200, Multistrada, Tiger Explorer, FJR1300 – these bikes are all synonymous with touring and doing long miles, but they’re all well in excess of 1000cc and are physically very large. Comparatively, I have the very small Versys 650, and at 6’3″ tall, it’s possible for even me to tour on it. Here’s...


How The RAC Treated An Elderly, Vulnerable Biker

The picture below shows me and some friends, whilst on a pretty wet trip around the north coast of Scotland. The gentleman in the middle of the image is my friend Nick. Nick is a 79 year old pensioner with cancer; and this is the story about how the RAC left Nick to sleep rough with his bike in a pe...


Medium Vs Ghost – Which One For a Personal Blog?

I decided recently that I wanted to start blogging again. Not in a professional capacity (like I did for MakeUseOf), but rather just some meandering thoughts on a personal blog. That way, I don’t have an editor to please, and I can publish whatever I like.

That got me thinking though, which is t...

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