Removing Mastodon Webmention From My IndieWeb

Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove the Mastodon Webmention integration into this site.

A few days ago, I wrote about how I’ve added some IndieWeb goodness to this site, which includes Webmention. I tend to post links to a lot of the posts I publish on Mastodon.

So, when people comment, like or boost my posts, I get a Webmention. This is great in theory, but I have nearly 10,000 followers on Mastodon. Because of this, my posts tend to get quite a lot of likes, boosts and comments.

This is a great problem to have, and I love the community on Mastodon. But I got rid of comments to get away from admin that they require. With each like and boost coming through as a separate comment, it’s too much.

Example webmention comments
Example “comments”

I may bring it back in future, once I’ve matured the integration of Webmention into the site a little better, but until then I’ll be keeping the Mastodon integration turned off.

I was using for this integration – I’d highly recommend their service if you want to integrate Webmention from other sites.

Normal Webmentions for other members of the IndieWeb will continue to work as normal.

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  1. I’m no longer a Bridgy user and much prefer “actual,” hand-written replies to likes, but it’d be fairly easy, me thinks, to use one of WordPress’s many filter hooks to automatically approve or delete likes when they first come in.
    Like, you could do a hard, regex-based check on a comment’s content, and at the same time verify—reliably or not—that it comes from Bridgy. (The former would at least exclude actual comment spam from showing up. The latter may be prone to “referrer spoofing” or something, dunno.) Or literally rewrite anything that looks like a like to, “Someone liked this.” And then only show the number of likes or a stack of user avatars on your actual site.

    1. Yeah, I really need to explore my options more – I just haven’t had time. I love that some sites have implemented the IndieWeb in a way that just shows X Likes and X Reposts, instead of a list of avatars. I much prefer that.

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