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Removing Comments

So I’ve decided that I’m removing comments from this website. I’ve been thinking about doing so for a while, and while migrating back to WordPress from Grav, I decided to get rid of them.

But why am I removing comments?

My decision to remove the comments section came about for a number of reasons. Firstly, managing the droves of spam I received via comments was a pain to manage. I’m a busy guy, so would rather spend my time writing posts, instead of moderating spam comments.

Great post, I totally agree! Here’s a link to my blog…

I got this kind of comment a lot. So even when I wasn’t filtering comments that would like to advertise Viagra within the comments section, I was having to go through a tonne of comments that added absolutely nothing to the conversation.

Seth Godin sums up my feelings pretty well in his post, Why I don’t have comments. I loved getting useful comments that contribute to the discussion, but the fact of the matter is, that was a very small proportion of the actual comments I received.


I’m a privacy advocate, and I always try to respect your privacy on this site. So I used the Commento commenting system, which did a great job of keeping commenters private. But there is still the issue of having to manage the data that goes along with storing comments, so I decided to just get rid instead.

Will I be removing comments forever?

I don’t know yet. For now, I’ve left a few links for getting touch with me via social media and email instead of a comments box. My hope is that by removing comments I will stop the spam and useless comments, and let the interesting discourse prevail within my social media channels and inbox.

Time will tell, this may be a temporary thing, or it may be permanent, I’ll have to wait and see.

Do you think me removing comments was a bad idea? Or do you think it was the right move? Feel free to get in touch and tell me your thoughts using the links below.

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