This is the Internet, and it is widely regarded as a privacy vortex. You want privacy? Don't go online. Simple.

I disagree with the statement above entirely. Privacy is a right that we all deserve.

Personally, I have taken a number of steps to try and maintain my own privacy where possible. So I think I would be remiss if I didn't try and do the same for those awesome people who decide they want to come and read the content that I put out on this site.

Plus, it's actually the law within the EU.

Since I'm a stand up guy, I want to ensure that I'm abiding by the law at all times, but also maintaining your privacy whilst you're on my site. So what do I do to help ensure you privacy is maintained?

1. HTTPS Always

This site uses HTTPS everywhere. If you try and access this site using HTTP, you will be redirected to HTTPS.

So what? you might say. HTTPS is important, as it ensures your connection to my server is always encrypted. So any spying eyes won't be able to see what you're doing whilst on here.

Not a huge thing, but you may not want your Apple loving friends to know that you secretly love Linux.

2. I Do Not Track You

Many sites use tracking systems, such as Google Analytics or Piwik (now known as Matomo). These systems will automatically store a tracking cookie on your device that will be used to track your usage on that site.

DON'T WORRY - These trackers tend to use anonymised data, such as your IP address and location, to see what pages and resources you visited. This is a good benchmark for seeing which posts are popular on a blog.

With GDPR inbound, a simple banner on the page that says "by visiting our site you consent to using cookies" isn't enough. Visitors need to physically accept this before even accessing a site for the first time.

Having a popup cover the entire screen asking me to accept cookies before I've even accessed the content of a site, would probably put me off.

So, I decided to turn tracking off completely. Yes, I will lose out on analytics, and I won't know which posts are popular, but that's a small price to pay. Don't believe me? Here is the header script settings page for this site:


Note: if you have been on this site before 01st May 2018, you will probably have tracking cookies stored on your device. If you clear your cookies for this site, and refresh the page, you should see that tracking cookies are no longer generated and stored on your device.

Friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy, too.
― Stephen King