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Why Your Password Is Probably Crap

You’re a technical person. You don’t need to use a password manager, because you have mastered the art of obfuscating your password so it can never be cracked, right? Wrong! Let’s have a chat about why your password is probably crap…

First of all, if you’re not running a password manager, why not?...

Tech Security

Are Password Managers Really Worth It?

I recently got chatting to someone on Fosstodon about password security and in particular, password managers. But I thought I’d share my thoughts here also, as I have much more than 500 characters to play with. 🙂

What Is A Password Manager?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a password man...

Tech Security Thoughts

De-Googling My Life 06 – What I Can’t Replace

The process of de-Googling my life has now come to end, and I’m pretty happy with the results. However, we all know that Google pretty much runs the Internet, and although I have managed to escape the clutches of Google in many ways, there are some Google services that are simply not feasible for...

De-Googling Privacy

De-Googling My Life 05 – Gmail

Ok guys, it’s time. Let’s be honest, this is the article in the series you have all been waiting for. Gmail is a goner!

This was by far the most difficult part of the whole process, as I am heavily reliant on Gmail. Not just for email, but also for my calendar and contacts.

I know Gmail, Goo...

De-Googling Privacy

De-Googling My Life 04 – Google Drive

Ok then, I’ve do-Googled myself from the simple stuff – search, browser, analytics and social media are all done. So that only leaves the tough stuff – Google Drive and Gmail (inc. contacts and calendar).

I’m pleased to say that I have found, and I’m using, replacements for both. However we’re g...

De-Googling Privacy

Why You Should Own Your Own Domain

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last 20 years, the Internet is probably a very large part of your life. From establishing an online identity, to having a personally branded email address that’s easy to share. Owning your own domain name has a lot of advantages.

What is a domain?



De-Googling My Life 03 – Google+

Ok then, now we’re on to the serious stuff. I have managed to sucessfully get rid of the easier stuff, like Google Search & Chrome and Google Analytics, but now I’m starting to look at the Google services that have a larger impact on my daily workflow.


Google+, if you don’t know it,...

De-Googling Privacy

De-Googling My Life 02 – Analytics

Didn’t you know? I’m De-Googling my life and I’ve already spoken about replacing my search engine & browser, so now we’re on to the next step – replacing Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

If you don’t own a website, you have probably never heard of Google Analytics, let alone used it. Basic...

De-Googling Privacy

De-Googling My Life 01 – Browser & Search

So my de-Googling adventure begins, and I thought I would start with some of the more simple stuff to replace – yes, I know, it’s a cop-out, but I’m trying to change habits of the last decade here, so I’m easing myself in.

In this article I’m going to be focussing on changing my browser from Chrom...

De-Googling Privacy

De-Googling My Life Series

I love Google products. They’re easy to use, they look good, and for the most part, they work really well. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about what would happen if Google closed their doors tomorrow. I quickly realised that I would be in a world of pain...

De-Googling Privacy