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My Home Server – 2 Months On

I recently wrote about how I nearly lost all my data, then later I wrote about how I recovered from that by building a new server. The new server has now been in place for a couple of months, so I thought I would give you guys an update.

Not Plain Sailing

I knew that building the new server...


Privacy vs “I have nothing to hide”

I wrote an article a while ago about why I’m ditching Android. That article got numerous comments asking why I was so concerned about privacy and asking what I have to hide.

I want to take some time in this article to explain why each and every one of us has something to hide and should probably...

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Building My Home Server

I recently wrote about how I nearly lost all my data. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise as I now have a far more powerful and capable server to store and backup my data.

After a tonne of research and a few trips to the post office to return hardware, I think I now have a setup that I’m hap...

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I Nearly Lost All Of My Data!

Picture the scene – I’m in the office doing some work on my personal laptop, and all of a sudden my Synology Drive system tray icon says it can’t connect to my server. At first I wasn’t concerned as this kind of thing happens from time to time – probably just an ISP issue at home, I thought.



Ditching Android – 6 Weeks On

Around 6 weeks ago I decided I was ditching Android in favour of iOS. I bought myself a cheap iPhone SE and set about migrating from Android. I don’t really want to drag this out, but I did promise in the last article that I would provide an update, so here it is.

Long story short, I’m really en...

De-Googling Smartphone Privacy

How Plus Addressing Can Prevent Spam

I noticed recently that I appear to be getting a lot more spam to my mailbox than normal. I don’t usually share my email address if I can help it, so wasn’t sure what was happening. Some digging was required.

It quickly became apparent that most of the spam was being delivered to a legacy account...


Why I’m Ditching Android

Regular readers of this blog will know that I went through a process of de-Googling my life a while ago. For the most part I think the process was pretty successful, however there were some things that I couldn’t replace.

Fast forward a year, and after a lot of trial and error I’m ready to now...

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Juno Computers Jupiter Laptop Review

The guys over at Juno Computers reached out to me recently to see if I was interested in doing a review of their new Jupiter Laptop. I decided to take them up on their offer, and have spent a few days with the laptop. Here’s my Juno Computers Jupiter laptop review.

About Juno Computers

Juno Co...


Elementary OS Juno Review

I wrote in a previous article why I use Linux, and last night the team over at Elementary released the latest version of their Linux OS – Elementary OS Juno. I quickly downloaded the ISO for eOS and decided to take it for a spin. So, here is my Elementary OS Juno review.

TL;DR – I quite like J...


Why I Use Linux

If you look around the Internet, you’re bound to read lots of posts justifying why you should consider changing to Linux. Personally, I don’t care which OS you use, so long as it’s an informed decision. So I thought I would write a post about why I use Linux, which may in turn help you to make an in...

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