How Plus Addressing Can Prevent Spam

I noticed recently that I appear to be getting a lot more spam to my mailbox than normal. I don’t usually share my email address if I can help it, so wasn’t sure what was happening. Some digging was required. It quickly became apparent that most of the spam was being delivered to a legacy […]

Juno Computers Jupiter Laptop Review

The guys over at Juno Computers reached out to me recently to see if I was interested in doing a review of their new Jupiter Laptop. I decided to take them up on their offer, and have spent a few days with the laptop. Here’s my Juno Computers Jupiter laptop review. About Juno Computers Juno […]

Elementary OS Juno Review

I wrote in a previous article why I use Linux, and last night the team over at Elementary released the latest version of their Linux OS – Elementary OS Juno. I quickly downloaded the ISO for eOS and decided to take it for a spin. So, here is my Elementary OS Juno review. TL;DR – […]

Why I Use Linux

If you look around the Internet, you’re bound to read lots of posts justifying why you should consider changing to Linux. Personally, I don’t care which OS you use, so long as it’s an informed decision. So I thought I would write a post about why I use Linux, which may in turn help you […]

Are Biometrics A Good Idea?

Like most people, I use a fingerprint scanner on both my iPad and my phone, but are biometrics a good idea? Personally, I’m not sure. This is going to be a relatively short post; more of a question than a full post actually. For me, it boils down to the old adage of security vs […]

What Is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA as many call it, is the latest buzz word when it comes to adding additional layers of security to your online accounts. But have you ever thought to yourself what is Two Factor Authentication? In this article I intend to go over what 2FA is, what it does, and why […]

Getting Started With Mastodon

I recently wrote and article on how Mastodon works; that seemed to get a hell of a lot of attention and positive feedback. However, a number of people asked for specifics on how the user interface (UI) within Mastodon actually worked, and how to get started with the platform. So I thought I’d write a […]

Ditching My Smartphone – FAIL!

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about how I was intending to ditch my smartphone for at least a month. Well, it’s 24 hours later as I type this, and the “experiment” was a complete and utter failure! I mentioned in the article that I had a “few use cases” that would […]