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Nextcloud Talk Is Crap!

Yes, that’s right, I said it, Nextcloud Talk is crap! We have been using Talk for quite some time as the main chat tool for the Fosstodon team, but today we decided to flip back to our previous tool, Keybase.

I want to get one thing straight here – Nextcloud is awesome. I use it at home on my private server, and it works extremely well. However, I only use Nextcloud for file syncing. In my experience, many of the official Nextcloud apps are somewhere on a spectrum of mildly annoying, to just plain useless.

I am focussing on the apps that are developed by the Nextcloud team here. I am not referring to any of the apps that are developed by third parties, as I have very little experience of them.

Performance Issues

The Fosstodon team had a Nextcloud instance hosted with OwnCube, but when hitting the send button on a message within Talk, it would take anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds to actually deliver the message to the chat group.

This would make having conversations within Talk almost impossible. To add to this, many members of the team had issues with notifications occasionally not showing on their devices.

Please remember, the Fosstodon team is very small at only 8 people including myself, so it’s not like the chat room had tens or even hundreds of members.

Not Many Features

One of the most annoying “features” of Nextcloud Talk is that if you want to attach an image to a chat, you can only do so from your Nextcloud files. If you want to attach a photo or screenshot from your device, forget about it. You will have to upload the file to Nextcloud Files first.

On a desktop or laptop, this isn’t a major issue, but on a mobile device this is an absolute nightmare.

Also, Nextcloud Talk doesn’t support emojis out of the box. For this, 4-byte support needs to be enabled on the Nextcloud database. Unfortunately, our host, OwnCube never got around to doing this in the 4 months we were using their service.

Suffice to say, all of the above made using Nextcloud Talk extremely frustrating and pretty useless to use.

Same Across The Board?

Like I said earlier, this has been my experience on a number of Nextcloud apps within the ecosystem, namely:

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • News (RSS reader)

Personally, I feel like Nextcloud are spreading themselves too thin and are trying to do too much. File syncing is great and it works really well for the most part in my experience. So now that’s nailed, get another app working just as well, then the next, then the next etc.

I wish that the Nextcloud team would stop saturating their marketplace with apps that are sub-par, frustrating to use, or in some cases, just plain bad.

Am I being too harsh here? If so, please feel free to get in touch with me and tell my why.

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