Nextcloud On A Raspberry Pi 3+

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  1. When you say its not a backup service, I was hoping to use it to backup the photos on my phone and free up space. Would I not be able to use Nextcloud in this usecase ?

  2. Your information here has been helpful, especially the part about throttling the Nextcloud App to avoid DDOSing it.

    I just finished getting my NextcloudPi server running with basics.

    1. How do you do that? I can’t see the option in either the nextcloudpi panel or the web front end…

    2. I’d like to try that myself, but I can’t find the config on either GUI.

      Where do I throttle the bandwidth?

      Thanks in advance.

      1. he mentioned the throttling happened on the client side. So the computer app, not the Pi.

  3. Hi Kev, thanks for your splendid work and this very informative blog.
    I did setup a Nextcloud Server on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ last month, but i did it all again after I read your blog.
    One remark if i may: As i am using the Raspberry 3 B+, you can “etch” the NextclouPi Image directly to a SSD drive and the Raspberry will boot from the SDD without any Problems. So no Need for a SD Card at all.

    1. I’m glad you found the post useful. Yeah, a couple of mentioned that to me, and I think if I ever went back to Nextcloud on the RPi, I’d probably go down that route, as SD cards aren’t really designed for such heavy lifting as running an OS.

    1. Nextcloud has been recommended to me so many times. I’ve trialling it for months now (it’s what started this while thing).

      I think Nextcloud has a place in my work flow, and I’m gonna be using it, but I don’t think it’s gonna be the be all and end all for me. We’ll see though. 😉

      As for mail, I’m still trialing a number of services, including Fastmail. It very expensive though.

  4. Nice post, I came to Nextcloudpi after an original Owncloud setup with a Raspberry Pi 2, the 3+ is a huge improvement.

    I moved to a USB hdd instead of the SD card to improve reliability as I had an SD card corruption with Owncloud, you can set the Raspberry PI to boot from an HDD rather than the SD drive by changing a flag in the config.txt and the Raspbian forums have a guide for this. My main files are kept on a separate USB drive as an external drive which is easy to setup using the Nextcloudpi config.

    You are right this is not a backup system, however, Nextcloud has the advantage of file versioning and a trash bin that is only deleted after 120 days, so you can recover previous versions of files and files you have accidently deleted.

    Finally, I back up my files and database overnight to Amazon S3, looking to move Digital Ocean Spaces. Currently this is backing up 165GB, but using s3cmd sync only the changes are uploading. Great as you say for a photo backup and sync system.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ian. I personally have the OS on the SD card, and all my data on an SSD. That seems to be working just fine, now that I have moved the DB back to the SD card. The Pi has been up for around 3 weeks now without issue.

      I didn’t actually know about versioning and restoral on Nextcloud – that’s very useful to know. Thanks for sharing.

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