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Lost In Space Season 2

This post contains spoilers for Lost In Space season 2

So my wife and I finished watching Lost in Space season 2 on Netflix last night. It left me feeling a little disappointed and frustrated.

I quite enjoyed the first season – the robot was cool and the dynamic of the relationship between it and Will Robinson was quite interesting.

However, this season lacked continuity and it felt like there was just a barrage of unsolvable predicaments that the Robinson family found themselves in. Yet they overcame every one, obviously.

Spoilers below!

For example, at one point, Robot exclaimed that Will Robinson needed to return to a planet in order to repair another robot. This robot, known as Scarecrow, was being used to pilot the Resolute.

Scarecrow was repaired and with it rose a bunch of other robots. Not only that, they also had a ship all of a sudden! Why would Robot plead with Will to go down there knowing such a thing would happen?

I did like the way the writers portrayed Robot in this season though. It’s clear that Robot has matured and now has its own agenda. Rather than being a submissive follower of Will’s. What that agenda actually is wasn’t clear by the end of season 2.

The season ends on a giant cliffhanger. A Jupiter full of children, captained by Judy Robinson, jumps through a portal and ends up at the ship Judy’s father died on.

Season 2 has clearly been left open for season 3, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching. Overall, I found Lost In Space season 2 to be a bit of a let down. The storyline felt rushed and lacked continuity in a number of places.

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