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Feliks wrote on 4 Mar 2021:
Really nice site!

Saw your post about Commento but noticed you no longer have comments enabled on the site. Were there any issues with it or was it the new pricing? I ruled it out as $10p/m per domain is just too much for a low-traffic site, but there is a real dearth of alternatives unless you're willing to go through the hassle of self-hosting.

Also first time I found about Grav. I ran a markdown blog before but editing became quite cumbersome, especially when it came to interlinking content (I had to manually dig up the slug, no search unlike Wordpress). Does Grav alleviate any of those issues?
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Hi Feliks,

I stopped using Commento purely because I didn't want to have to manage comments any more. The value I got from them was little when compared to having to manage spam and poor quality comments.

Commento really is a great system, and I would use it again. If you're looking for alternatives that are a little cheaper, I've heard good things about Hyvor Talk, which is $5/m. There's also Utterances, which is free and based on GitHub Issues. I've heard lots of great stuff about Utterances.

It's hard to say if Grav would be of use to you. I personally found it frustrating to use over a long period, so stopped using it. I'd recommend Jekyll over Grav. Or, if you want a full CMS, I think WordPress is a great choice.
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