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John Vincent wrote on 8 Feb 2021:
Just read the specs on your new server. I'm really struggling on my setup. But here's the hardware at least.
I have dual xeon x5690s in an hp dl380 gen 6 or 7. Can't remember.
Has 128gb ddr3 ecc ram and 1.5TB of ssds. (8x 256GB in raid 5)
Running Microsoft hyperv server with 5 minecraft servers and 5 servers that will be NextCloud, remotely, mastodon, Joomla, and freindica.
There is also 3 windows 10 vms and 1 Ubuntu desktop vms for experimentation. I have a 4tb hdd on another server that has its own xeon 12 thread cpu and 16gb ram that doubles as a defunked ad server attempt. Need to figure that out at some point. That's the setup. Currently... If you have some free tips, the mastodon server is a terrifying setup process and the NextCloud server keeps getting messed up on the ssl cert. Can't figure it out, open to some tips if you have any.
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Hey John,

It's really difficult to help you without a lot more info. I'd recommend posting the various issues you're having on the appropriate forums for the software packages you're having issues with.

For Nextcloud, I had issues with that too - I ended up going with the snap package as it was much easier to manage. Problem is, updates tend to be a little delayed. I was happy with that though as it saved a lot of time for me.

That sounds like a cool setup you have there!

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