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Anonymous wrote on 11 Dec 2020:
Now that you've moved to Jekyll, are you reconsidering IndieWeb support? It seems one of the main issues you had with it was managing 7+ WP plugins. Adding the necessary metadata to the jekyll templates should be much easier. On the other hand, your other complaint (nobody is using it) stands, although, compared to mainstream social media nobody uses Mastodon either. I'm personally in two minds about the IndieWeb stuff, because I want to like it, but they seem to have over-engineered a lot of it and ignored pre-existing work in the same area.
Admin Reply:
Hey Jonathan.

For all the reasons you raised above, I'm not sure. It's something I've considered, but to your point, even though I wouldn't be managing a load of plugins, the IndieWeb still feels over-engineered so I'm not sure the effort is worth the time investment.

I need to look at how much work is involved in integrating it to the site. There's also the technical considerations of whether I trigger a rebuild every time someone "comments" or if I do it on a regular basis. Also, how much will those comments add to the build time/complexity of the site.

I'm really not sure to be honest.
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