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Pete wrote on 24 Jan 2021:
Great blog Kev, just subscribed to your newsletter and RSS feed! Iโ€™m in the process of starting a blog and have still been jumping back and forth between hosting on Micro.blog, or rolling my own with Jekyll on GitHub Pages or Vercel/Netlify. VPS is still in the back of my mind but Iโ€™m not sure I want the hassle of managing one (even though I could).

How are you finding Jekyll to work for you in terms of build times and keeping gems/dependencies up to date? I tested Jekyll on Vercel once and each time I updated the post it seemed to go through a full re-download of the dependencies instead of caching them? Not sure if Netlify has something similar or how it works in that regard.

P.S. The guestbook idea is just fantastic, I might have to steal this one (with total credit back to you if/when I do).
Admin Reply:
Hey Pete,

Thanks for the comment. Iโ€™m finding Jekyll to be great. Iโ€™m currently hosting this site on AWS Amplify, which costs around ยฃ1/month for my traffic volume. I host other sites with Netlify and theyโ€™re great too though.

In terms of build times, a local build of my entire site takes maybe 10 seconds to complete. When I do a git push, my changes are live within a couple of minutes max. Thatโ€™s the same on both AWS and Netlify.

Feel free to use the guestbook idea! Itโ€™s working really well for me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope this helps. If you wanna talk more, feel deee to drop me an email.

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