Fix the Large CloudStation System Tray Icon in Ubuntu

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  1. Thanks.
    But just to add to this…
    I use Linux, and for that, one should put the new icons into the .CloudStation/
    Otherwise, the new icon lasts about 1 second before reverting to the big one.
    I would therefore suggest anyone using a mac, to put them in the appropriate Mac directory.

    1. Actually, I just noticed you use Ubuntu as well.
      Sorry about that!
      But anyway, to cover all bases I copied your icons into both the normal and win-linux-black directories, and they work great.

      As a footnote:
      the newest Cloudstation release didn’t automatically install with gdebi, but it manually installs by downloading from and using a terminal to enter:
      sudo apt install ./synology-cloud-station-drive-4435.x86_64.deb

      1. Does apt install actually with deb files? I’ve never used it for installing a deb – I always use sudo dpkg -i

        1. Damn!
          My first reply disappeared, so I wrote another one, then they both appeared.
          Really sorry about that.
          Maybe you can delete one, and this too, to make me at least appear computer literate….
          I blame my friend Al Zheimer…

    2. I believe the “win-linux-black” folder only comes into use when you select the “use monochrome icons” option within settings. Otherwise it will use the “normal” folder.

      1. Hmmm…
        Must have a look to see where I do that.
        I can see a box for “minimalist icons”. Is that it?

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