FGLW - Week 01 - Uphill Struggle

First things first, as it's the first time I've used this acronym; "FGLW" stands for "Fat Guy Loses Weight". Now that's clear, on with the update...

So it's the end of the first week, and it's been tough breaking some old habits. I noticed that I had a habit of eating very large meals once or twice a day, then snacking in between. Breaking away from that habit has been the single hardest thing so far.


What I have been trying to do this week, is break those bad habits and try to eat how I used to - little and often. Here's a typical daily food diary:

A low calorie meal replacement shake.


Chicken wrap with salad.
Starbuck's Latte (I know, it's bad - but I want to enjoy this process)

Afternoon snack

Chicken sandwich on wholemeal granary bread.

I'm obviously changing the meals every day, but this is a typical day for me. A large part of my protein is coming from chicken and eggs - both of which I love, so that's really helping. All week, I haven't missed a target of 1,500 cals in a day and to be fair, it hasn't been that difficult, until...

The struggle comes in the evening. Before, I was eating crisps, biscuits, or similar crap purely because I was bored. I'm still getting those hunger pangs, but I know it's just out of habit, not because I'm hungry. They're getting less frequent, but they're still there at the moment and they're really hard to ignore at times. As the saying goes...

It takes 21 days to make, or break, a habit.

Let's hope things have changed by the end of week three then!


This is my first week weight training for a long time, and I knew the DOMS would be real. So, I decided to do just one of my 3-day split per week, until my muscles get used to training again. Then I will go back in to a typical 3-day split, that split being:

Day 1
Chest & Biceps

Day 2
Back & Triceps

Day 3
Shoulders & Legs

I will also be doing cadrio training on some of these days, as well as days in between when I can. The days I do cardio alone, I will work abs as well. I also walk the dog regularly, and go running when the weather permits.

My weight

It's crunch time; I weighed myself this morning on an empty stomach and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Mainly because I had only done a single chest/biceps session and no cardio, apart from walking the dog (this was because we only got the cross-trainer set up yesterday, NOT because I was being lazy).

My diet was fairly good this week though, so I was secretly hoping that I had maybe lost some weight. I had a figure in my head of anything over 0.5kg (1.1lb) and I would be happy. Here are the figures:

  • Starting weight: 114.5KG (252.4lbs)
  • Current weight: 112.3KG (247.5lbs)
  • Total weight loss: 2.2KG (4.8lbs)


I LOST NEARLY FIVE LBS! I'm so happy with that, and it just goes to show how important diet is in this whole process.

This week has been a bit of a struggle, as my body has been getting used to the new fuel it's taking on-board, as well as my muscles taking a hit. Hopefully, as time goes on, this will become less of a struggle and more of a hobby that I enjoy doing - just like it used to be.

I'll see you guys next Sunday for update number two, let's hope my weight continues to drop!