Email Forwarding Madness

I read this post a few days ago on (you can read the comments here) and I don’t think I agree with some of what Stephan says in his post.

Basically, what Stephan says in the article is that he has had issues finding a free email forwarding solution so he can forward email sent to a custom domain, to a Gmail account (or multiple Gmail accounts).

Let’s look at the problem more closely: 1) we want to have a custom domain that we can use for receiving and sending email 2) we don’t want an actual email account for each of these because all are supposed to just forward to gmail (or something similar). 3) Setup and maintenance shall be easy and 4) it should be free.

Why should it be free?

I understand the first 3 points that Stephan makes above, but I take issue with #4. Personally, I consider email to be as important as my ISP, or my mobile phone contract – it’s a utility that I need. I imagine that’s the same for many people reading this post, as most people need an email address these days.

Because of that, I would much prefer to pay for a service than rely on a free one. Plus, being a free service, do you actually know what these providers are doing with your personal and private mail that is traversing their infrastructure?

If I were in a similar position to Stephan, I’d do one of the following:

  • A paid email forwarding solution, like Mailgun or Amazon SES.
  • Most domain registrars offer email forwarding with the domain purchase.
  • A DNS provider that provides email forwarding, like ClouDNS.

Or, better yet, I wouldn’t use Gmail in the first place. Instead, I would have email hosting with a more privacy respecting email provider. I personally use Zoho to host my mail. It’s a paid service, but is very cheap at approximately £0.80/month ($1/month).