Elementary OS Juno Review

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  1. Juno gone backwards so many bugs, hangs on shutdown, when suspends, no sysytray plain stupid. Have basic c602 chipset server grade, yet issues, no problems with loki. Windows 10 more stable says it all.

    1. Whilst that would work, I’d still need the system tray for other applications, like KeyBase and my file syncing client. So it wouldn’t actually eliminate my need for a system tray.

  2. Thanks for the link for the systray fix. That was was one of the biggest issues for me, after the upgrade to Juno.

  3. “Comment: Can anyone from the Elementary team confirm in the comments if it’s possible to backup purchases, and if there is a plan in place to make this task trivial?”

    I guess you could select “$0” each time you install apps. I’ve always considered that option more of an mislabeled “Donation” option than “Purchase”.

    Nice and simple review, thank you! I’ll certainly try it on my thinkpad. Need to see how will it handle SIM card 🙂

    1. Yeah, I can definitely do that, but if I decide to keep eOS, I want to be able to support the developers, and not get prompted to donate every time there is an update to an app.

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