Ditching My Smartphone – FAIL!

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  1. I recently engaged in a similar experiment (actually the one you’re describing near the bottom) where I switched my awesome Android phone for a shitty, painstakingly slow Android phone. I installed only the basics on it (there is only so much you can do with 4GB anyway) and completely bypassed all social media. This works quite well for me.
    For me the problem isn’t the smartphone per se, but rather the hours of mindless scrolling and pointlees interactions online, paired with the unnatural dopamine rush you get from seeing social notifications. I managed to almost completely cut that destructive shit out, but I still have all the stuff I need, even if it takes significantly longer.

    1. Glad to hear that the compromise worked for you. I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a Nokia 1, which is a basic Android phone. But when I think about it, I already have a good Android phone, so what’s the point in wasting the extra money?

      I think when i come to renew this phone, I will be going for a very basic smartphone. The thing I hate about Android, is all the bloat they add to the phones. I’m also considering an iPhone SE at this point too.

      1. I might actually preorder a Librem 5 and give that a shot next year. It might become what the Ubuntu Edge promised to be which would be pretty much exactly what I need.

  2. Maybe next time use a cup and string. It will give you hours of fun. Also it could double up as a liquid holding device and shoe laces!

  3. Sorry to see this experiment failing.

    Two factor auth and qwerty issues can be easily solved. TOTP has string from which you generate OTP thus it can be generated on any kind of device (i use pass-otp plugin for passwordstore on PC which is essentially shell scritp). Having ultra portable laptop (something like GPD Pocket 7) would solve the qwerty issue and would allow you to carry those OTPs with you.

    Garmin and tracker are different pair of gloves. Once you have that kind of tech and start depending on it, it is quite hard to get rid of it.

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