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Nextcloud Talk Is Crap!

Yes, that’s right, I said it, Nextcloud Talk is crap! We have been using Talk for quite some time as the main chat tool for the Fosstodon team, but today we decided to flip back to our previous tool, Keybase. I want to get one thing straight here – Nextcloud is awesome. I use it […]

What Is Self-Hosting?

There was a post on Fosstodon recently where one of our members shared their thoughts on what they think self-hosting is. Following the post, a conversation started about what different people considered self-hosting to be. The different trains of thought where: It’s only self-hosting if you have physical access and complete control over the server. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently and they were asking me why I don’t use Facebook. Within my circle of friends, I’m the IT guy and most of them aren’t really into IT, let alone privacy or security. So this person thought Facebook was great. I disagree. I get it, […]

How Online Tracking Works

With the numerous Facebook snafu’s going around, as well the feeling that new data breaches are being reported daily, privacy is currently top of mind in the tech world. For many, privacy equates to advertising, cookies and tracking, but it’s so much more than those three things alone. Having said that, they certainly don’t help […]

Migrating from WordPress to Grav

I’ve been running a blog for quite a few years now. I first started with Blogger, before moving on to WordPress, and ultimately selling my site so I could have a break. A few years later I got the bug again and decided to start a blog on Ghost. Server admin became a pain, so […]

Are We Cyborgs?

I was recently listening to the Joe Rogan podcast where he was interviewing Elon Musk. During that interview they discussed a lot of interesting topics – it’s a very interesting episode and well worth a listen. One of the topics that Joe and Elon discuss is whether we will become cyborgs in the future. Elon […]

How To Backup Nextcloud

I recently wrote a guide on how to setup your own Nextcloud server; it’s a great way of ensuring your personal data is kept private. However, it’s also important to backup Nextcloud too. Isn’t Nextcloud My Backup? No it isn’t. Nextcloud is not a backup solution, it’s a way of syncing your data, but it’s […]

How To Install Nextcloud On Shared Hosting

After writing my Nextcloud setup guide, people have asked me whether they can install Nextcloud on shared hosting, like cPanel. Some people don’t want to pay for an additional server to host Nextcloud. That doesn’t mean they should be left out in the cold and having to forego their privacy by relying on 3rd party […]