The Insidious Linux “Community”

I recently wrote an article about my thoughts on Lightweight Linux. Oh boy did that open a can of worms…but a can that was full of trolls, not worms! Nice work, Linux “community”.

Can Software Be Alive?

I’m on holiday enjoying the sun, and I watch a tree moving in the wind. My mind begins to wander and I end up considering, can software be alive? Well, can it?

How To Tour On A Small Motorbike

GS1200, Multistrada, Tiger Explorer, FJR1300 – these bikes are all synonymous with touring and doing long miles, but they’re all well in excess of 1000cc and are physically very large. Comparatively, I have the very small Versys 650, and at 6’3″ tall, it’s possible for even me to tour on it. Here’s how to tour […]

How The RAC Treated An Elderly, Vulnerable Biker

The picture below shows me and some friends, whilst on a pretty wet trip around the north coast of Scotland. The gentleman in the middle of the image is my friend Nick. Nick is a 79 year old pensioner with cancer; and this is the story about how the RAC left Nick to sleep rough […]

Things To Consider When Starting A Blog

Back in 2010 I started a blog on Google’s free blogging platform, Blogger. Fast forward a few years and my blog was self-hosted and gaining over 2.5 million unique visits every month. Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes. Some were nothing more than a learning curve, but others had the potential to […]

Medium Vs Ghost – Which One For a Personal Blog?

I decided recently that I wanted to start blogging again. Not in a professional capacity (like I did for MakeUseOf), but rather just some meandering thoughts on a personal blog. That way, I don’t have an editor to please, and I can publish whatever I like. That got me thinking though, which is the best […]