Categorise Or Compartmentalise?

Regular readers of this blog will know that it’s very much a tech focussed site. However, I have three main passions in my life, which are tech (obviously), fish-keeping and motorbikes.

I’d like to start writing about my other passions, not just tech, but I know a lot of people read this blog for the tech posts. Which brings me to my dilemma:

To categorise, or to compartmentalise?


The quick and easy solution to start writing content on fish-keeping and motorbikes would be to add corresponding categories to this site. Then I can start publishing content on the various passions in my life quickly and easily.

By doing this, I run the risk of alienating the audience I have built up over the last few years of writing on this site. Do most techies really want to read about fish-keeping and motorbikes? Do aquarists and bikers want to read about tech? Probably not.


The other option is to create separate blogs for each of my passions and keep each blog focussed only to that subject.

This helps the reader by keeping the content really focussed, but it doesn’t help me as it means I then have 3 sites to maintain.

What do you think?

This site uses WordPress, and each category does have it’s own RSS feed, so I could simply categorise all my current posts as “tech” (most are anyway), then people can subscribe to the feeds they wish to see, or to everything.

Do you think adding content to this site about my other passions is a good idea? If you’re on Mastodon, I’ve created a poll on my instance, Fosstodon. It only takes a few seconds to cast a vote and it will help me make this decision.

If you’re not on Mastodon and you’re into Tech/Open Source, please consider signing up for Fosstodon – it’s a fantastic community. 🙂

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