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โ˜• Buy Me A Coffee

I have received a number of emails from people telling me that they enjoy my content and asking if I have a Patreon page, so they can say thanks by sending me a few bucks.

I love receiving this kind of feedback, as it inspires me to continue adding content. Plus, I find the process of writing posts cathartic so itโ€™s win/win.

I donโ€™t have a Patreon creator page. While I really appreciate the sentiment and the positive feedback, I have no intention of monetising with Patreon at the moment.

However, if you have found one of my posts useful and want to say thank you with a virtual coffee, I would very much appreciate it. You can do so by PayPal or LiberaPay:

Important Note

I will never expect anyone to pay for the content on this site, and I will never put any of my content behind a paywall.

If you do decide to buy me a coffee, Iโ€™d just like to say thank you for supporting the work that I do on this blog.