Bitwarden – An Open Source Alternative to LastPass

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  1. I just made the switch to Bitwarden a few days ago, and it has been just as easy and useful as Laspass ever was. Also, bonus for being open source.

  2. The Bitwarden and LastPass Family accounts are quite different. The LastPass Family account includes 6 Premium licenses (so if you need more than 2 and less than 6 this is the cheapest way to get LastPass Premium). Bitwarden Family account allows sharing among 5 users. Those users will have the free version or have to pay $10 a year for Premium. Comparing apples with apples, more than 3 Bitwarden Premium users as a family is more expensive than LastPass:

    4 x Bitwarden Premium with Family = $52
    4 (up to 6) x LastPass Premium Family = $48

    Note that this information comes from reading about them. I haven’t actually used Family accounts from either provider.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will try bitwarden. I am going to try and install the docker version.
    I wonder if it will still work if there is no internet.

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