I recently wrote about going green with local fonts, but you may have noticed that the fonts on this site have now reverted to the ones they were before. Namely Merriweather and Fira Sans Condensed.

I’ve reverted that change for a number of reasons. Mainly because I really like the Merriweather/Fira fonts. I think they just look beautiful.

Secondly, someone pointed out that you can actually make font files smaller by splitting them. Fira Sans Condensed was the problem child – that was over 250KB per font file on its own. By optimising those files, they’re now around 88KB per file.

Prior to the changes, my homepage was 922KB and after the changes it was around 333KB. The site now sits at 701KB, although my CDN is still caching the old Fira font, so that should reduce once the cache expires. While not great, I think it’s still progress.

Plus, someone also made the very valid point that those few hundred KBs that I’ve saved will be immediately off-set as soon as I watch a Netflix or YouTube video.

So, not a great result overall, but I really do love the way this site looks with these fonts. Plus, I will maintain my Woodland Trust donations. I’ll probably increase it next month too.