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I just came across the Awesome Blog Club on Lobsters. It’s basically a directory of personal blogs that are arranged by tags. I really like the I’m Feeling Lucky button that takes you to a random blog from their directory.

However, what I don’t like is that Git is a huge barrier for entry here. In order to add your blog to the site, you need to fork the repo, carry out a pull request, then email the maintainer. This isn’t a huge problem for me now that I know how to use Git, but for anyone who isn’t a software developer (which is the vast majority of blog owners) this is a non-starter.

It’s a real shame.


WizzWizz4 on Fosstodon just corrected me. The submission form on Awesome Blog Club contains 2 options not steps. So you can do the PR, or just email the maintainer.

I take back what I said. Being able to simply email the maintainer to get your blog submitted removes the Git barrier to entry completely.

Thanks for the correction, WizzWizz4!

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  1. @kev There is a web interface to do this on GitHub… but that doesn’t really make things better because you need a GitHub account.I would like to note that those are *options* 1 and 2, not *steps* 1 and 2. You can submit a pull request through GitHub *or* send an email. I think that makes this process okay; option 1 is a total non-starter, but option 2 seems fine to me.


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