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Kev is a cyber security professional, advanced motorcyclist and tattoo lover from the North West of England. This site is a culmination of the various thoughts floating around in his head.

De-Googling My Life 06 - What I Can't Replace

The process of de-Googling my life has now come to end, and I'm pretty happy with the results. However, we all know that Google pretty much runs the Internet, and although I have managed to escape the clutches of Google in many ways, there are some Google services that are simply not feasible for...

De-Googling My Life 05 - Gmail

Ok guys, it's time. Let's be honest, this is the article in the series you have all been waiting for. Gmail is a goner! This was by far the most difficult part of the whole process, as I am heavily reliant on Gmail. Not just for email, but also for my calendar and contacts....

De-Googling My Life 04 - Google Drive

Ok then, I've do-Googled myself from the simple stuff - search, browser, analytics and social media are all done. So that only leaves the tough stuff - Google Drive and Gmail (inc. contacts and calendar). I'm pleased to say that I have found, and I'm using, replacements for both. However we're going to focus...