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Are We Cyborgs?

I was recently listening to the Joe Rogan podcast where he was interviewing Elon Musk. During that interview they discussed a lot of interesting topics – it’s a very interesting episode and well worth a listen.

One of the topics that Joe and Elon discuss is whether we will become cyborgs in the future. Elon then made a claim that really struck me…

We’re already cyborgs!

Crazy thought, right? I thought the same when Elon first said it, but once he elaborates things start to make sense. Let’s start with the definition of a cyborg:

A person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.

So Elon’s argument for many of us being cyborgs, is that we’re all aided in many aspects of our lives by the Internet and our smartphones.

Even if you think about the sci-fi cyborgs that many of us have seen on TV, we kind of fit the mould. Sci-fi cyborgs have seemingly unlimited amounts of memory that is photographic. They can quickly look up information from the all of humanity’s knowledge, and they have ways to easily communicate with others.

Check, check and check. We can do all of that with our smartphones. Gone are the days of looking something up in a book (heaven forbid!) Need to navigate somewhere? No problem, you can whip out your phone. Need to look something up? No problem, pick up that black mirror!

Personally, I’ve tried to ditch my smartphone, but it was complete failure – I’m just too reliant on it. I’m not even that bad compared to many people. According to Apple Screen Time, I spend approximately 1.5 hours per day on my smartphone. That’s around half of the national average in the UK.

Are we cyborgs?

After listening to Elon and his justification for why he thinks we are cyborgs, I have to say I agree. What do you think, are we cyborgs or is this a little too far?

If you want to watch the entire interview, you can do so below:

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