Are Biometrics A Good Idea?

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  1. I remember reading an article a few years ago which argued that fingerprints should actually be treated as usernames rather than passwords. I’d never really thought about it before that, but it suddenly made sense: our fingerprints are about as secret as our usernames & email addresses – we leave a trail of them everywhere!

    And so to answer your question, I guess I’d say that biometrics are a good idea when used to identify someone. But we should probably be cautious of using fingerprints as a sole or primary method of authentication.

    Of course, a different argument could probably be made for other forms of biometrics, such as iris scanning. I imagine it’s easier to fake a fingerprint than an iris, and we certainly don’t leave a trail of iris prints as we go about our daily lives 🙂

    1. Yeah, I agree that the username analogy is probably more accurate. Using 2fa is a great way of bolstering security.

  2. Biometrics are fairly secure and convenient. Untill they get compromised, since you can’t easily change a Fingerprint or Iris, as you could change a password string.

  3. Biometrics are a convenient Solution nowadays but far away from being a secure Way to Lock/Unlock your favorite Device.

    As long these so called Biometrics do not note the important Point, that the Human with these Biometrics is still alive nor do be forced to use them, it’s not a secure Solution at all. Passcodes or a PIN is more secure because you can decide to use them or not, depending on the Size of your in.

    If the Device has an Option for it you can even use special PIN/Password Codes to Lock/Unlock prepared Fake-Accounts on your Device with less important Stuff on it to trick certain People if you are in a dangerous Situation. It’s a common Trick for some Business People. 😏

    1. Agreed, it’s definitely not the most secure solution. I’d like to think I’d never find myself in a situation where I will be required to unlock my device, or worst still, be dead and have someone do it on my behalf.

      On the flip side of the coin however, it would be a good way for a loved one to deal with my affairs after I’m gone.

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