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All My Links

While having a look around Fossotodon, I came across a profile that linked to a site called All My Links. From what I can see, it’s simply a webpage that shows links to all of your online profiles.

I really don’t see the point of a website like this, as they’re open to abuse and therefore offer nothing of value. For example, I just created a page on All My Links and was able to add links to Pewdiepie’s Youtube channel and Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

My Recommendations

My recommendation would always be to self-host. Get your own domain and set up a simple website that hosts links to your own profiles. Yes, you can still put links to any profile you like on there, but why would you do that on your own domain?

If you don’t want to host your own website, a great alternative is Keybase. It does a similar thing where it funnels links to other profiles into one place, but most importantly, you need to prove you own that profile before adding a link.

Keybase does a lot more than amalgamating your online profiles into one place, but that’s outside the scope of this post. I’ll leave that to you, dear reader, to find out for yourself.


If you want a place to house a list of your online profiles, my first recommendation would be to setup a simple site of your own. Failing that, create a Keybase account and do it there.

I’d strongly recommend staying away from All My Links as it offers nothing in the way of profile validation.

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