Adding A Blogroll To #100DaysToOffload

It’s awesome to see that #100DaysToOffload is getting quite popular. Originally, I setup a WordPress site for 100 Days To Offload, which allowed people to submit their stories for inclusion.

Problem was, I had to review every submission manually to ensure the site didn’t end up with a tonne of spam links. With the challenge becoming quite popular, I ended up spending nearly 3 hours on day 1 checking links and approving draft posts.

That’s not sustainable.

So, I decided to migrate the site to plain old HTML/CSS affair. It works well, but there’s no way for people taking part in the challenge to get exposure, which is a bit crap.

The compromise I’ve come up with is to add a blogroll. I’ve gone through all the hashtags on the social sites I’m aware of and added links to the blogs that are taking part.

With a bit of luck, this should allow people’s content to get discovered a little more easily.

If you’re taking part in #100DaysToOffload and your blog isn’t listed, please contact me.

This post is day 03 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. If you want to get involved, you can get more info from