A Child Of Twenty Twenty One

Around a week ago I wrote about how I’d flipped back to WordPress from Jekyll. In that post I mentioned that I’m thinking about also ditching my personally developed theme in favour of WordPress’ latest theme, Twenty Twenty One.

As of a few days ago I have set the new theme live, albeit a slightly customised version of Twenty Twenty One. All in all I added around 230 lines of CSS to my child theme, which does things like removing the mahoosive default titles. I also customised the dark theme (thanks for the tip, Ru) and added support for elements like notice boxes and my newsletter subscribe form.

Despite all these changes, the theme is still undoubtedly Twenty Twenty One, and the best part is that my site still qualifies for The 512KB Club.

What now?

Well, as promised I’m going to try and stop pissing about with the theme on this site and concentrate on content. But when WordPress’ next theme drops, which I imagine will be called Twenty Twenty Two, I’ll probably do the same thing again.

This way I hope to satisfy my perpetual desire for pissing about, my site will keep a fresh look, and I will get to play with the latest features WordPress offers.

Win, win, win. I hope…